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Group show - Igniting Sight: contemporary artists inspired by JMW Turner at Sladers Yard Contemporary Gallery, West Bay, Bridport, July 6 - Sept 8th 2019

Dr Janette Kerr is an Hon Royal Scottish Academician, Past President of the Royal West of England Academy of Art, and Visiting Research Fellow, Fine Art, UWE Bristol

The practice of making paintings
My work represent immediate responses to sound and silences within the landscape around me. Kerr is not somebody who makes meticulous studies of landscape. Beyond mere topography, but with a nod towards the Northern Romantic tradition in landscape painting, her practice remains contemporary and experimental. Delighting in sudden and unpredictable changes in the weather, she is very much a painter of the northern landscape - a foul-weather painter who enjoys being out in, and working from the landscape at its extremes. Charcoal drawings and small paintings made on-site become the basis for larger paintings and drawings and mixed media developed in the studio. She lives part of the time in Somerset and part in Shetland.

Through my research I seek to imbed myself in a landscape and the historical culture of a place, focusing on the heritage of historical relationships with land and sea.

Nov 2016 she traveled in the High Arctic on a tall ship around the coast of Svalbard as part of an artists expedition.

Summer 2017 she worked on a collaborative project with film/sound artist Jo Millett on a film and sound project in Shetland: 'Confusing Shadow with Substance'(funded by Creative Scotland). The work is concerned with the interplay between that which is gone, that which remains and that which drifts between the two. Weaving together contemporary and historical images and sounds the piece examines the relationship between past and present and the interplay of land, sea and human activity at the site of one of Shetland’s busiest former fishing stations.


Artist Selector on panel for new art competition: Wales Contemporary, September 2019

Nes Art residency at Skagaströnd, Iceland, February/ March 2020

One of 3 headline artists at the Pittenweem Arts Festival, Scotland, August 1-9th, 2020.

Cadogan Contemporary Solo show - May 2020