SAW Sitting on the Fence at Glastonbury Festival

Somerset Art Works promote the county’s leading artists and their works at the summer’s headlining festivals, including Glastonbury!

SAW  commissioned the design and production of six 20-metre banners  attached to internal fences at Glastonbury (Avalon Field) and The Packhorse Fair, Bruton. Each banner is highly visible to audiences and artists and  features numerous examples of contemporary art created within Somerset. It is intended that the banners will be used at local festivals for years to come. All the artwork featured has been produced by SAW members!

“All these events are within Somerset, so it seemed right to use Somerset’s creativity on the banners,” commented SAW Chair Richard Pomeroy. “This is an exciting project, providing publicity for the county’s artists and SAW to an enormous audience over many years”.

Project Artists:

  • Alison Jacobs
  • ashar
  • Barbara Karn
  • Fay Hutchcroft
  • Fiona Campbell
  • Henrietta Van den Bergh
  • Jan Ollis
  • Jennifer Hill
  • Jenny Mellings
  • Jon England
  • Kate Noble
  • Liz Gregory
  • Lyn Mowat
  • Richard Pomeroy
  • Roger Large
  • Suzanne Partridge
  • Terri Hogan
  • Tilly Willis
  • Tim Martin