Street Carpets, Project Taunton, 2011. Image by Sophy Layzell

Taunton Deane Borough Council commissioned a Connectivity + Legibility Study to create guidance to improve and enhance way-finding and ensure a coordinated approach to public art across Taunton town centre. Sue Palmer was appointed as lead artist to work with public art adviser Diana Hatton.

Routes, River, Rail

Lead artist Sue Palmer engaged with a variety of stakeholders and members of the public through all sorts of creative intervention and conversations to elicit creative and more formal responses.

As part of Taunton’s ongoing commitment to creative skills development, a collaboration with Somerset Art Work’s Local Area Network Project enabled local SCAT graduate Natalie Parsley to be appointed as placement artist.

Street Carpets

The Project Taunton team wanted  the people who use Taunton High Street – to contribute to its future and  invited the Somerset Reveal Partners (Somerset Art Works, The Brewhouse and Somerset Film) to stage a spectacular event to give everyone a chance to have their say and to have some fun at the same time.

The 2 day event offered people the opportunity to get creative as part of the National Big Draw Campaign.  Huge ‘canvasses’ laid out on the pavements like a series of carpets provided a welcoming space for people to contribute their ideas using drawing, words, collage and photography.  Experienced artists worked  to record  thoughts and ideas about the street.   Identifying favourite places, interesting details of buildings, highlighting local history or recording personal memories. All contributions were documented and a film  made of the days.  The final artworks will be used to inspire design ideas for the High Street in the future.


Project Artists:

Sue Palmer

Natalie Parsley

Jo Lathwood

Neil Mussen

Helen Haimes