Laura Youngson Coll, Make the Most, Barrington Court 2013. Image by Seb King

The central focus of a two year programme of visual and applied arts activity was the imaginative and innovative use of locally sourced raw materials, and ways of translating these processes and products into new platforms and markets for makers, producers and artists.

The long term ambition for ‘Make, Create, Cultivate’ was that it should lead to several on-going initiatives in professional development, education, and further partnerships. Its success in broad terms has ensured a rich programme of professional development, education and community participation, will be continued to be developed with all our project partners.

The main areas of creative activity were :  ‘Make the Most’ and  ‘Abundance’ in 2013 followed by ’Z-twist ‘ in 2014, finishing with the ‘MAKE, CREATE, CULTIVATE’ SYMPOSIUM.


Held on 12th July at Somerset College, Taunton drew the programme to a close.

The day explored all three projects created by Somerset Art Works ‘Make the Most’, ‘Abundance’ and ‘Z-Twist’ with artists from those projects talking about their work which brings traditional or historical materials, processes and aesthetics together with innovative new approaches – profiling traditional British style with a contemporary twist.

Symposium Blog


‘We have been considering ‘What do we need for innovation in Somerset and the South West in particular’? We need proactive support and investment to catch up with London. We have the remains of a very skilled industries and their traditions on our door step, with development we could really bring on the next generation of talent and products’.