Yeovil Country Park

Somerset Art Works is delivering a three year artist residency programme at Yeovil Country Park following the themes of Water – Meadow – Wood.

This three-year project Water – Meadow – Wood is providing greater engagement with people and new opportunities to interpret the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Yeovil Country Park.

2017 – Wood, Lead Artist Elizabeth Jardine
2016 – Meadow,
Lead Artist Carolyn Lefley
2015 – Water, Lead Artist Deborah Westmancoat

Wood is the theme for year three, the final year of the Water-Meadow-Wood project. Somerset Art Works is delighted to appoint Elizabeth Jardine as Artist in Residence for 2017. Elizabeth will be working with local schools and families, outdoors at Yeovil Country Park, co-creating art work inspired by the Woods. There will be a showcase at the Octagon Theatre for Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2017.

Latest updates on the project blog:


Showcase 2016 – Meadow


Showcase 2015 – Water


Project Background
InVolve, Visit, Volunteer for Yeovil Country Park – V3 PROJECT 

The V3 project aims to improve the opportunities and facilities for volunteers, visitors and the local community.

Contributing to the V3 Project Somerset Art Works (SAW) is delivering a three year artist residency programme following the themes of Water – Meadow – Wood.

Artists are working with participants to co-create artworks linked to the themes, exploring the natural and social history of the place, for seasonal exhibitions to be held in the park or visitor centre.

Through participation attendees are being taken on a voyage of discovery, stimulating imagination, enhancing creative skills, building confidence, learning about and gaining appreciation of the many aspects of Yeovil Country Park.

The project is funded by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts programme and supported by South Somerset District Council – Yeovil Country Park Team.