Pride in Priorswood events Summer 2014 photo: Sophy Layzell

During August 2014 SAW took part in the Pride in Priorswood events to meet local people and find out what creative community projects they wanted to get involved in and why.

SAW ran public consultation days on the 5th and 26th August at the popular Pride in Priorswood days in the park.

After a meeting with Lesley Thomas at Priorswood Community Centre to discuss a range of ideas, artist Sophy Layzell painted 6 large boards with suggestions for projects:
Yarn Bombing/Weaving
Home Crafting
Art Trail making
Guerrilla gardening

Residents were invited to use stickers and ‘vote’ for the projects they would like to see in Priorswood.  In addition to voting the community was invited to draw/write other activity ideas on a large white table cloth using sharpies.

Despite poor weather on both days there were lots of positive and active people willing to take part in the drawing/voting and join discussions. They were interested and keen to see more creative activities on offer and from the voting results they were most interested in traditional art and crafts, art trails and guerrilla gardening/cooking.

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Pride in Priorswood events Summer 2014 photos: Sophy Layzell