Somerset Art Works (SAW) is delivering a three year artist residency programme following the themes of Water – Meadow – Wood

Providing greater engagement with people and new opportunities to interpret the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Yeovil Country Park.

Through participation, people are being taken on a voyage of discovery, stimulating imagination, enhancing creative skills, building confidence, learning about and gaining appreciation of the many aspects of Yeovil Country Park.

2016 was ‘Meadow’ year with Lead Artist Carolyn Lefley working with St Gilda’s Primary School.

Carolyn Lefley is a photographic artist and the workshops explored a range of techniques, from traditional sun prints to digital photography treasure hunts.

Pupils from the reception class at St Gilda’s Primary School, Yeovil, visited the park for six weeks for workshops linked to the residency theme: Meadow.

Activities included a photography treasure hunt trail – running around in small teams to search for the photographs to ‘find’. Learning how to use Nikon compact cameras by searching for letters in the word ‘Meadow’ in nature. Exploring using natural material in the park to make Land Art compositions. The children photographed the whole process, documenting their artworks before they were left again to nature.

‘On week 4 we continued using natural material and this time ‘fixing’ the compositions as sun prints (cyanotypes). The children loved this magical process and seeing the image develop in the sunlight and water. Over the final two weeks the pupils created sun print bunting for the August showcase event. We made over 60 fabric bunting flags, which I will sew onto a long length of bunting tape.’ Carolyn Lefley  – Artist