Your Story- Not everybody will want to beat the drum, but those who want to shout a little louder have quite a few options.
 We are all individuals, we can emphasise what makes our work unique and more appealing. Express your skills fluently.
Website- Central to your strategy, everything should point to it, it’s your most flexible and updatable flag waver. Sites like WIX and WordPress are free and articulate.
No Website: then make sure your SAW folio is current and vital.
Posters- Digital printing gives you bright personalised posters. Where posters are hard to place, smaller flyers are often easier. All communications should feature your web address, along with the Open Studio logo.
Mailing list- If you don’t have one, build one for next year from all your 2016 visitors. These are the warmest contacts you’ll ever have. Invite them, inform them. Get them to spread the word too. Your emails should echo the rest of your brand.
SAW Guide The art lover’s bible. Place them well, they are a valuable resource to you, maybe add a bookmark to your page to attract more than your share of visitors. Keep stocks replenished, the guides are sought after in the right places.
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter- Begin to build excitement through your messages. There will be competition, lots of it, so use left field stories about your work. Vary the approach, and lead back to the website.
Advertising- You will be under some pressure but the best coverage comes from good editorial, good stories. You then buy small ads to back them up. Some advertising works, but after years in the business don’t ask me which ones!
PR- Hit and miss but always worth trying.
Local press are hungry for good images and local interest. County press will pick up charm and beautiful Somerset action. Art Mags worth a go.

Radio and TV- love a good story but you have to be very lucky. Follow up stories after the show about success/interest.
Signage- It’s obvious but make sure everyone can find you. You’ll get six signs. 
A clear neat number, less felt tip scribble. Sign Police, not usually an issue if we behave. Don’t push it, have a back up plan.
When? Signs go up the day before the show and must come down straight after.
 Re-use them if you can.
In the Studio- Legal notices to be displayed.
 Your work, hang it, light it, label it.
 Your info, your audience love to learn about you. Cluster venues, info to lead to next venue.
 Packaging, decent wrapping and labelling project your image beyond the studio. Add a flyer etc. Record all your visitors, it is very valuable data.
Private View-  An important focus for warmest contacts, makes them feel valued. Check other Private Views in your area so you don’t clash, they don’t all have to be on the first Friday. Invitations print and email, and follow theme. Sell work here. Less party more sell. Promote other Private Views and venues too.
After the Event- Remove signs and store for next year. Visitor feedback to SAW
 Office. Follow up visitors and customers with thanks and prompt to buy later.
Mailing List- make sure you retain all the data you can, add it to your mailing list.
Resource Page- on the SAW web page. Read it and download relevant material.
SAW Facebook pages- each area has its own private page, use it to keep in touch, add ideas and more.