Somerset Art Works and Mind in Somerset

A Somerset Art Works artist residency project with Mind groups around the county. The project focuses on teaching new skills, encouraging participants to explore their creativity, express themselves, build confidence and feel more connected in the community.

Art activities of any sort are great for developing self esteem and for maintaining wellbeing in turbulent times - the chance to reflect upon one’s circumstances and express oneself are invaluable.

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Bridgwater Mind Art Group – Simon Ripley Artist in Residence  – Autumn 2019

Artist printmaker Simon Ripley was appointed by Somerset Art Works to run a programme of six printmaking workshops with the Bridgwater Mind Art Group during the autumn of 2019. An exhibition at Bridgwater Arts Centre followed, showcasing the art work created by the group.

Minehead Mind Art Group – Spring 2019

“I had the pleasure of a six week residency with the MIND group in Minehead exploring the idea of the garden as a metaphor for one’s self: sowing seeds, tending the young plants and watching them blossom, bear fruit and return again to the never ending cycle of renewal. All the work created through the project was showcased in Minehead with a gazebo installation bedecked and ablaze with colour, flowers, birds and trees. The objective of having a public showcase for their work encouraged group members to take risks, work in new ways and helped to meet the need to feel visible and recognised in the community.”         Megan Players, Artist in Residence

Read Davina Jelley’s blog post about Megan Player’s workshops with the Minehead Mind Group – link below.

Yeovil Community Day with Simon Ripley
Artist in Residence – Summer 2019

Artist printmaker Simon Ripley was appointed by SAW to work with the Yeovil Community Day Art Group during the summer of 2019, to run a programme of 6 printmaking workshops including: monoprints, collographs, drypoint, working with letterpress and text.

‘I have loved working with a very enthusiastic group of artists at the Yeovil Community Day. Every week on arrival, the tables and chairs would be cleared away and for 2 hours we would focus on printmaking with laughter, curiosity and energy. Everyone was keen to have a go and because it’s printmaking, everyone has come away with several copies of their work.”                         Simon Ripley, artist in Residence


Exhibition of works produced by the Minehead and Yeovil groups on show at the Octagon Theatre for Somerset Art Weeks Festival Sept/Oct 2019


Monoprints, collographs, drypoint and working with letterpress – an exhibition of work produced by the Yeovil Mind Community Day with artist in residence Simon Ripley. Mixed media work from the Minehead Mind Art Group working with artist Megan Players. Including a selection of the lead artists’ own work. Meadow Tapestry made previously with the Yeovil Mind group in 2016, with artist Carolyn Lefley.


The 2019 programme has been supported by Arts Council England, South Somerset District Council, Sedgemoor District Council and the Edward Gostling Foundation.

SAW is currently fundraising to deliver a longer term programme around Somerset