To protect the privacy of membership information on our website, we have changed the way we manage our membership. Please follow the instructions below.

Manage your Membership details & payment

Click on the ‘Membership Portal’ button below to update your membership details, payment and renewal.
Please note: Information you’ve entered on ‘Membership Profile’ on the portal does not appear on the SAW website, but will be accessed by other members and SAW staff.

Manage your Public Profile on SAW website

Click on the ‘Public Profile’ button below to update your Profile Page on the ‘Member Directory’, including your artist statement/bio, public contact details and up to 5 images of your work.

Please note:
New members –¬†Please email [email protected]¬† for your Login details
Existing members – If you need help on upload images and change information, please see our Step by step guide on ‘Manage your Public Profile on the Membership Directory’