Creatively dismantling Coleridge’s immortal Kubla Khan, Christopher Jelley worked with pupils from Crowcombe and Parkfield Schools to re purpose and inspire new worlds from these ashes of the old. A creative cobbling and welding of words led to new dimensions, abominations and unidentifiable creations all with a curious poetic motion of their own.

Initial reading of Kubla Khan was followed by word harvesting and ‘shell stories’ These elements were then used by pupils to re-write a segment of the original poem. At the end of the session the new poem was re assembled and read to the class as a whole. Recording of audio during sessions by pupils took place in conjunction with Ignite at Somerset Film.
By day end the class had produced their own version of Kubla Khan.

In partnership with The Coleridge Society and part of a an exciting programme celebrating the bicentenary of Coleridge’s visionary Kubla Khan.

‘that has brought a tear to my eye, it is so powerful, that was absolutely incredible.’ Primary school teacher

Listen to the poems here