Image by Nisha Haq

Welcome to Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2015

Welcome to ‘Momentum’, this year’s Art Weeks Festival in Somerset. Our members and the Somerset Art Works’ Team have put together a fantastic event with 116 venues throughout the county, involving more than 350 artists.

This is a great showcase for contemporary arts and crafts in Somerset with wide ranging passions and skills on display.

The majority of the shows, events and projects are initiated by our members, many with invited artists from outside Somerset. The programme reflects the huge variety of work produced – from ceramics to sculpture – and the area’s activities: farming, quarrying, willow production and more. Somerset’s landscape and wildlife feature too. The Mendips and Levels illustrate the contrasting landscapes, linked by plenty of ancient and modern history, that have given inspiration to generations of Somerset artists.

The SAW team embraced the curatorial task to create new commissions in different media and locations in Somerset.

Working with artists and partners, they have put together some exceptional projects on the theme of Momentum such as Gather-ing (venue 35) and the Momentum Commissions (venues 34, 63, 96). To feature the artistic talents in Somerset, we have our member’s showcase Time and Place at Royal United Hospital (venue 61) in Bath and an inaugural exhibition Past, Present and Future, featuring our SAW projects at 44AD Artspace (venue 62).

For a wide selection of activities, exhibitions and workshops, please see the handpicked selection illustrated in the Events section. Many events are first come, first served, so book now so you won’t miss it.

Foody culture is also taking over Somerset. Excellent restaurants, cafes, juice bars and pubs will provide good fare for those touring the venues. This is another great Somerset festival! The artistic community is thriving in this special county and I encourage everyone to explore.

– Richard Pomeroy  (Chair, Somerset Art Works)