Georgina’s practice is a response to exploring the environments that surround us. She is interested in the concepts of experience and memory and the importance these play in visually interpreting and capturing spaces. Her work exists between the mind and the real place. Using her familiarity of spaces as a catalyst Georgina creates her own visual fields; experimenting with shape, form, distance and space. As a result her paintings are metaphorical and suggestive repositionings of the landscape.

Recently the literal ques within Georgina’s work have become more fragmented and the use of geometric form significantly more important. The use of these shapes gives the paintings their own power and weight; they ground the viewer allowing them to consider their relationship with the environment’s she creates.

Exploring rural spaces, particularly the West Country and Dorset coastline, has played a large part Georgina’s upbringing and for her these open expanses provide a diversion from the visually complicated environments that we are surrounded by daily. Distance allows colours to augment, areas of land to flatten and simplicity to be found. The viewer experiences a natural pause and is visually given space to breath. These strong, bold geometric forms hold authority over her paintings, providing a visual pause, simulating that experienced in the landscape.

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