Adam Grose gained an MA in Fine Art at Falmouth University, Cornwall. His practice explores walking, collecting, recording and mapping journeys from travelling around the UK and abroad.

Through exploring layered memories and histories, Grose investigates forms of mapping the human condition, collecting rocks, soils and objects from the places he visits, creating paint and ink for use in his two dimensional work, as well as carving artefacts that create mythological or phantasmagorical narratives that might exist in a parallel time and place.

He is now exploring ideas about how we explore our past through the historical record, the theories developed to seek explanation of these objects and how easily knowledge can be lost over the passage of time. Sometimes there is only the object, the inscribed marks and sculpted forms that are a testament to a lost civilisation or culture with no Rosetta stone to aide in the translation of these glyphs, marks and symbols, leaving any translation to our imagination.


Grose is a qualified PGCE art tutor and runs a variety of drawing, painting and print workshops with a wide range of learners. His previous positions include: Developing and delivery art programmes within Prison Education, PRUs, GCSE, A-Level and Postgraduate tutoring. His work is collected in private and public collections worldwide.

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Tel: 07747 846790

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