Adam Grose’s art practice explores layering, memory, history, mythology and entropy relating to ‘Lost Generations‘.

He is drawn to the fragility of knowledge and how information can easily become lost, changed, manipulated or mis-interpreted over generations. Through using handmade paints and printing inks, non-fired clays, soils, rock pigments, pulped documents and soil samples, Adam produces two and three dimensional works embedding, layering and collaging mixed-material.

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Adam Grose is a qualified art tutor and runs a variety of drawing, painting and print workshops with a wide range of learners.

Previous positions include:

* Developing and delivering art programmes within OLASS/ Prison Education; PRUs; GCSE; A-Level and Postgraduate tutoring/ mentoring.

* His work is collected in private and public collections worldwide and has exhibited regularly in the UK and Europe.

Contact for details about running print and painting workshops.

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