Image: Jenni Dutton, 'Transient Threads', Cotley Barn 2011

Somerset based artists Ingrid Hesling and Jenni Dutton created an installation of their work in a Tithe Barn at Coley near Chard for Somerset Art Weeks 2011. They managed and created the exhibition without involvement of a curator.

This was the first time they had worked together to extend their practice and considered how to present their work in this way. Ingrid Hesling and Jenni Dutton presented a body of work that explores the complexities of mother/daughter relationships using traditional domestic materials and techniques applied in unexpected ways. Jenni produces large scale sewn portraits of her mother and grandmother in The Dementia Darnings.

Ingrid works from memories of her childhood using inherited fabrics and thread, exploring concepts that link with her practice as a photographer. The collaboration of these two artists has encouraged them both to acknowledge the conflicts to be found within the theme. The exhibition touches on the discomforts as well as delights and questions where responsibility begins and ends in the mother/daughter relationship.

A year on, the work Mother Love was shown at Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton in September 2012, working with curator Angela Blackwell and supported by SAW’s Curatorial Services. Both artists strengthen the curatorial element in their work.

Jenni Dutton‘s on-going work, The Dementia Darnings has been shown in more than 20 venues in the UK and overseas since 2012.