‘I was lucky enough to be one of the four artists selected for the Creative Pathways Bursary in 2014, which coincided with me graduating from University.  At the time I was extremely nervous about working as a ‘Professional Artist’ but the bursary provided me with a theme to work to, a mentor to support me throughout the project and space to learn.

For me the bursary’s timing was excellent as it facilitated the next part of my career. Having Somerset Art Works and my Mentor, Simon Ledson, on hand meant that I was able to explore my work commercially, build local networks and ask even the silliest questions whilst receiving endless support and advice.  Furthermore, participation in Art Weeks led to me receiving invitations after the event, which has really helped further my career.

I think SAW plays a very unique and important role in nurturing artists. The amazing thing about the Creative Pathways bursary is that it really fills the gap between wanting to be an artist and actually achieving your goal. I cannot truly think of another way that I could have had access to all of that information and support and I continue to benefit from the opportunity today. The ‘Sound Wave’ project that I developed for the bursary was a great success and I wouldn’t hesitate in working with Somerset Art Works in the future.’