To celebrate its centenary, the Leach Pottery is now welcoming applications for 3 commissions ranging in value from £5,750 to £11,500.


In 1920 Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada collaborated to establish a pottery studio that forged new connections across countries and traditions, broke fresh ground and repositioned the importance of pottery in our culture. A century later, their project is still going strong and the values and passion the two men brought to the art form remain at the heart of the Leach Pottery today.

Leach Pottery are offering artist/potters the opportunity to help them celebrate these values and explore how pottery and ceramics have a vital and illuminating role to play in our contemporary world.

Commission Information & Fees

They wish to commission:

  • an individual established artist/potter. Fee: £11,500 inclusive of materials, travel and any other fees

  • two individual emerging artists/potters. Fee: £5,750 each, inclusive of materials, travel and any other fees.

Leach Pottery invite proposals from a wide range of practitioners: potters, ceramicists and mixed media artists interested in clay, pottery, and ceramics. The defining feature, however, is that all pieces of work must include a clay-based element that is fired.

Commissioned artists will be invited to undertake a body of research, create a body of work and present their final pieces for potential display at the Leach Pottery followed by the opportunity for the work to be available for selection for a joint Leach Pottery/Crafts Council exhibition in London in November 2020.

Click the link below to find out more about applying:



Published on February 6, 2020 // Sarah Adey