Project Brief : Sculpture for Weston Museum

Engaging with experienced artists – CV and previous experience will be required.


Sculptural work

We would like for any experienced artists to propose a design for a wooden sculpture which will be homed in the courtyard of Weston Museum, drawing on the history and industrial architectural features in the building.

The work should be a large scale sculpture in the atrium that draws and reflects the unique architectural features and historical layers in the space. Given that previous attempts to obtain planning permission to fix a sculpture onto the wall have been unsuccessful, this sculpture will have to be free standing. The artist will have to use creativity and imagination to create a piece of work that not only work functionally within the Museum space and enables the museum to run without affecting the business plan, but also incorporate the history of the building using more modern concepts of art. The work should highlight the historical layers within the atrium that was previously the gas light workshops. The aim of the work will be to provide a visual draw to the visitors encouraging their exploration of the gallery space. We are open to designs that are not made of wood, however they must be sympathetic to the architecture and history of the building.

If you believe that you would be able to meet this brief, which would require you to work within a budget and a short time frame, we would like to first set up a meeting to allow you to explore the Museum space and gain inspiration for your design.

Beyond this, any designs will have to be submitted to Weston-super-Mare Town Council where they will be presented before the Museum and Heritage Sub Committee who will make the final decision.

The deadline for this submission is 12pm on the 10th April 2019.

To express your interest please get in contact with Molly Maher (details below) to arrange a meeting at Weston Museum.

Molly Maher Development Officer Weston-super-Mare Town Council

Tel: (01934) 632567 Email: [email protected]


Published on March 25, 2019 // Sarah Adey