Incendiary is a multi-site exhibition consisting of 23 artists (including artists from Somerset, Bath, Bristol, Gloucester and London) and the Walking the Land Artists collective responding to the firing of industrial-incinerators & combustion fallout on human & more than human ecosystems. It is exhibiting in Stroud at SVA and Lansdown Gallery, as well as the University of Gloucestershire’s Hardwick Campus, Cheltenham.

During the exhibition you are invited to join SAW East Mendip representative and artist Fiona Campbell and Bristol-based artist Lou Baker for ‘Join in the Conversation’, where the artists discuss their practice as a performative conversation. Saturday 9th February 11:00 – 12:00pm at the Lansdown Gallery, Stroud. 


Read more about the exhibition below:

The initial idea came from a conversation between a direct action protestor Dr Gail Bradbrook and the curator, Patricia Brien. It was a discussion around the persistence of industrial incinerators like the recent development of the Javelin Park Incinerator, despite much public protest and debate. 

The participating artists have responded to different facets associated with the inferno-incinerator theme. The themes that have been drawn out the works are Waste, Breathe, Fire, Carbonise, Toxic Grief, and Biophilia. Many artists have responded to the increasing levels of pollution and toxic waste that are suffocating our cities and towns. At a closer physical proximity are the everyday combustion engines; cars, buses, trucks, boats, planes that expel airborne particulate matter via our roads, waterways, and skyways. One artist is focused on nuclear toxicity, where the notion of ‘persistence’ has an entirely different timescale.

The inferno-incinerator conjures the destructive power of elemental fire & borrows from a powerful fire / regeneration association found in various mythologies. Several artists responded to this eternal fascination with fire. Images of Dante’s burning Inferno spring to mind as hyper consumption and subsequent waste fuels the fire and transforms it into toxic matter.

Incendiary is a statement about the urgency required to change our ‘combustion’ narratives as things noticeably heat up. Artists participating in the Incendiary exhibition come from as far as Australia, with several London-based artists in the mix as well as practitioners coming from Bath, Bristol, Somerset, South Wales, and the Stroud Valleys.

The artists are exhibiting a variety of media including installation, photography, textile, ceramics, sculpture, painting and illustration.

Patricia Brien, the curator says of the exhibition: 

Curating artistic responses to ecocide requires working between the energetic direct action of protest and a slower, reflective practice. Art protest is ages old, and Incendiary is part of that tradition. Humans communicate their inner thoughts and opinions in different ways and it is vital to strive for new positive narratives for the future even in the face of environmental crisis.”



4-10 February 2019: Lansdown Gallery, Stroud

6-10 February 2019: SVA Stroud

4-17 February 2019: Hardwick Campus, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham



Published on January 29, 2019 // Sarah Adey