Artist Workshop 28 October 2017: 'Material Resonances' by Louise K Wilson & Stephen Felmingham at Clayhill Arts

Number of places: 3
Amount: £400
Deadline of Application: Friday 31 August 2018

In order to strengthen the connection between individual artists working in contemporary art in Somerset, we would like to offer 3 artists or artist-led groups a bursary of £400 each to develop an artist co-learning event, such as crit groups, workshops and residencies, including inviting professionals from outside the county and artists with shared interests,.

We encourage artists to use this opportunity to develop connections between artists through exchanging skills and sharing knowledge, and developing new ideas by working together. The events should focus on providing a creative learning experience, developing networks, resources and peer support. It is suitable for artists at any level and those who would like to be supported in a group environment. Priority will be offered to an event that aims to develop new connections and networks among artists in Somerset. Existing networks and groups can apply if proposed activities are different from their regular events, as well as open to other artists to get involved. They are not suitable for individual artists to run their own workshop as part of their business.

Somerset Art Works seek to collaborate with artists in the coordination and promotion of the event for other artists in Somerset. The event should take place between October 2018 – March 2019, alongside a series of lectures by guest artists and professionals, and a symposium in November at University Centre Somerset organised by SAW.

To apply: Please outline (no more than 1 page) the event that you wish to develop, including the artists you would like to invite, venue and budget.  We will be in touch to discuss your plan should you be shortlisted. Deadline for application is 31st August 2018. Please get in touch as soon as possible. Send your proposal to Zoe Li


Who can apply:

  • Current SAW artist members (Please contact us if you wish to join)
  • Age 18 and above.

Who can NOT apply:

  • If you are in full-time education, except MA degree.
  • You have already received commissions and bursaries from us since 2017.
  • Those not current SAW Members.

Artists who receive the above opportunity commit to:

  • Attend 1 hr advisory session with us, so we understand their development needs and how to maximise the impact of their opportunity.
  • Record their progress and document it through our Artist Development Programme Blog and commit to share their progress with us, sharing their practice and experience among the artists community and audiences.
  • Take part in the evaluation process, including providing a written report and verbal feedback.
  • Attend a one day symposium on the 1st November at University Centre Somerset, presenting and sharing ‘what you do with the bursary’ with other artists attending the event.

Published on July 9, 2018 // Zoe Li