Kate Cochrane & Jason Nosworthy

Wells Museum
PV 13 March 6.30 – 9
14-24 March
10-5 closed Sunday

Both Kate and Jason have a love of landscape and work in saturated colour.

Kate is colourist landscape artist working in layers of paint resulting in a rich tapestry of colour. The feeling of joy emanates from the paintings with the subjects ranging from trees, water and rocks. Her travels locally and abroad are presented including Tasmania and Malaysia. Many of the works are local with a few from travels round the UK and further afield.

Jason’s working method is to deconstruct what is real and viewed, leading to a reduction of elements, towards abstraction. The use of screens, veils and framing devices in the foreground creates a feeling of depth in my work, by pushing back the picture plane, and also as a result of doing this, an air of ambiguity and mystery has been realised.

Published on February 15, 2018 // Kate Cochrane