May I invite interested members to join in the Mendip Collaboration. I have secured the large gallery rooms at the Wells and Mendip Museum and aim to run a non profit making exhibition of Paintings, 3D work and art work in other mediums.

This is a nice gallery overlooking the Cathedral Green with reasonable wall space, three display cabinets and table space.

A minimum charge of £20.00 for exhibiting will be made to cover the costs and any excess will be spent on publicly.
The charge allows three pictures or two large pictures
Or three 3D works to be displayed
Or six textile items on your own display stands
As many prints as you like in your own browser
20 Greeting Cards (these can be topped up)
And your Business cards
I can of course be quite flexible

I shall call the exhibition, Somer (as in Somerset) Inspirations an exhibition of fine art.

If you are interested please E-mail and I will send the full details.
If you would like to take part please Email saying that you would like to join in, the type of work you will be exhibiting and I will book you a place.
I will then e-mail an exhibit form to you which I should like back by 1st June. 2018
(So that I can put a programme together and advertise the show.)

Wells and Mendip Museum
31st July – 11th August
10:00 to 16:00 each day bar Sunday
Free Entrance to the Public

If anything is unclear or does not fit what you do please just e-mail, I can be quite flexible.

Michael Brobson

Published on January 27, 2018 // mbrobson