Artist Workshop 28 October 2017: 'Material Resonances' by Louise K Wilson & Stephen Felmingham at Clayhill Arts

Thank you to those taking part in the Prospectus Learning Events. The programme is now closed with more than 100 participants attending events this autumn, including 2 artist workshops, 2 artist talks and 3 public lectures. The event programme marks the end of Prospectus, a pilot project to create an alternative form of art school for the dispersed art community of Somerset. It aimed to find out ways to support artists in Somerset in developing their practices.

The project was made possible with the hard work of Prospectus artists Natalie Parsley, Fiona Hingston, Sue Palmer, Jenny Graham, Jon England, Isobel Adderley and Anna Best. They have worked with SAW since the beginning of this year, contributing their time, knowledge and experience to the project. They also brought together an exceptional group of visiting artists and professionals to the project, including Mary Caddick, Rona Lee, Lisa Cheung, Florian Roithmayr, Matthew Cornford, Louise K Wilson, Stephen Felmingham, Melanie Jackson, Semir Zeki and Mary Evans. We also thank Huish Episcopi Academy and University Centre Somerset, Clayhill Arts and Eastville Project Space for their support.

‘I would like to congratulate and thank you for the 3 excellent Prospectus lectures.  They just got better and better and have been a real boost to self-assessing one’s own practice. It has been a privilege to attend and I do hope that they will become an annual event…. please!’

SAW is collecting feedback and reviewing the project at the moment with the aim to embed the learning of Prospectus throughout its work, particularly in future professional development programmes due to launch in 2018.

In the meantime, check the Prospectus website to find out more about the journey the artists took throughout the programme.

Published on December 12, 2017 // Paul Newman