Members of the Artists Union of Saint Petersburg have been invited by Somerset Art Works to visit Somerset in August for a series of sessions of plein air painting. Last year, SAW Chairman Richard Pomeroy had a series of exhibitions in Saint Petersburg and met artists who took plein air painting very seriously – it’s a deep part of their creative culture. 

Four of the most prominent painters in that tradition will spend time painting with artists in the region. They will visit some of Somerset’s  special historic landscapes and estates such as Forde Abbey and Hestercombe and more, with  other artists and students so that they can paint in the landscape together. This will be partly educational and partly a coming together of cultures.

For two weeks later this year, SAW members and associated artists are welcome to join them working outside in the Somerset Landscape.

The workshop dates with the Russians are planned ( subject  to visas) to take place  between the 7-13 August 2017.

In September there will be exhibitions of the work made to coincide with Somerset Art Weeks (23 September – 8 October) at Hestercombe House grounds (tbc) and The Gallery in Castle Cary

The artists are:

Iurii Vasilev, Head of Graphics, Artists Union of Saint Petersburg

Irina Eroshkina, member of the Artists Union of Saint Petersburg

Tatiana Lushnikova, member of the Artists Union of Saint Petersburg

Azat Galimov, member of the Artists Union of Saint Petersburg

If you would like to spend a day painting with the Russian artists, please contact [email protected] to register.

We are also looking for hosts in Bruton to help with accommodation for the visitors. Russian language not essential.  Please email [email protected] if you are able to offer accommodation.

Published on March 7, 2017 // Paul Newman