The Old Brick Workshop Studios and Gallery space in Wellington, Somerset are looking for artists to exhibit in a group exhibition in its gallery as part of Somerset Arts Weeks 23rd Sept – 8th Oct 2017.


We are interested in curating a group exhibition of 6 – 10 artists that respond to the theme of Another Brick in the Wall and/or context of The Old Brickworks.

The Old Brick Workshop was once part of the historic, Poole Brickworks of William Thomas & Co, an enormous 19th-century brick manufacturer. It’s on a small rural industrial estate on the edge of Wellington, Somerset where it now shares a yard with Viridor Recycling.
This is a call-out to potters, painters, conceptual artists, photographers, print-makers, mixed media, sculptors and pro-active artists of all ages!
Another Brick in The Wall –Exhibition Proposal/Brief

“In the more elaborate version of the Tower of Babel myth, the tower is so tall that it takes a year to climb, and when a man falls to his death, no one mourns, but when a brick is dropped, the bricklayers weep because it will take a year to replace.” Ted Chiang, author of Tower of Babylon

From Carl Andre to James Berrington, Rodney Harris and Ai Weiwei, the bricks that make your house or garden wall, the yellow brick road that leads to Oz to the bricks and mortar that make the Great Wall of China. Bricks used to engineer, insulate and provide shelter and bricks that obstruct and contain. Lego bricks, cob bricks, gold ingots, clay bricks and concrete blocks. Bricks that make urban canvases and bricks forged in fire and dug out from the earth. We are keen to create an exhibition that explores and celebrates all things brick!

  • Do you work with clay or use earth to make artworks?
  • Do you make constructions, structures or use boxes, grids or lines within your work?
  • Maybe you are interested in exploring the political ideas around building walls and breaking them, or responding to the theme of recycling.
  • Are you interested in exploring the history of our building or as a site to make new work?
  • Do you use a kiln or cast work?
  • Are you an artist that uses urban architecture to create photos or make prints?

If you currently make work that responds to ideas in this brief or would like to make NEW work to be part of this exhibition we would love to hear from you!

The exhibition will be held in The Old Brick Workshop Gallery, see and run as part of Somerset Art Weeks between 23rd September – 8th October 2017.

To participate we ask that each artist:

  • Pays a fee of £150. This is to cover; the entry to participate and be listed in the Somerset Art Weeks Guide, Private view, Gallery hire and independant advertising costs.
  • Commitment to at least three days stewarding per artist.
  • Commission of 25% on all sold works in the gallery.

*Note: There may be an additional cost to become a member of SAW if you aren’t already. As to take part 50% of artists in the exhibition must be Somerset Art Works individual members. See:

SAW Festival 2017 Registration Guidelines

There are also discounts for ’emerging artists’. See guidelines above for more details.

If interested please contact us along with a link to your website (if you have one) by FEBRUARY 28th.
Email ‘Expression of Interest’ or any questions to:
Alison Cosserat, Gallery Owner, The Old Brick Workshop –

and/or Natalie Parsley, Area Representative SAW Taunton Deane-

Published on February 21, 2017 // Paul Newman