VENUE 1: Jane Kelly

For the third ‘Guide guide’ I would like to highlight two new venues…


ARTISTS: James Marsden, Anna Newland Hooper, Diana Pilcher, Debbi Sutton, Jane Mowat, Teresa Wilson, Ashley Thomas, Jane Kelly, Natalie Parsley + Judith Crosher.

Introducing a new creative space to Wellington. Run by Alison Cosserat it houses 9 artists’ studios, communal space and a gallery. Once part of the historic Poole Brickworks, now a versatile space for creative industries. With the collaborative hard work of the Old Brick Workshop’s artist community, the gallery has been completed and is ready for an eclectic debut exhibition.


ARTISTS: Gavin Morris + Farmer Glitch

The Eastville Project Space is a new independent art space in Yeovil. The event showcases a mutli-media interactive installation work by resident artist Gavin Morris and Farmer Glitch. Visitors can expect an immersive sound and light experience, as well as a collaborative performance between visual artists and musicians.

and two old favourites…

VENUE 33: voted ‘best venue’ in 2012 & 2013  by visitors to SAW

ARTISTS: Jane Mackey, Mike Willdridge + Michael Mackey

Jane Mackey Somerset landscapes and moody skies. Impressionistic style, oil paintings, original woodcuts, screen prints, etchings. Traditional presses, handmade papers – a wide variety. Mike Willdridge paints in oil, acrylic, watercolour and gouache in a mostly representational and loose style. Original, limited edition prints, lino and etchings, plus drawings in ink and charcoal. Michael Mackey, unique natural sculptural forms using found wood and old ironwork. Sculptures, assemblage, rustic cupboards, pictures and sconces.

VENUE 65: a personal favourite that I stumbled upon by chance in 2013 and fell in love with a garden studio full of broken crockery and colour!

ARTISTS: Candance Bahouth, Dickon O’hagan + John Robbins

Surprising! Candace Bahouth – see why this mosaic artist shows in the V & A. Objects you won’t believe, shrines and shoes, mirrored branches and chandeliers shine in her studio and garden.

Difficult! John Robbins reflects his love of adventure through making. Pamphlets from words, humorously combative. Sticks and stones formed into things of beauty.

Clever! Dickon O’Hagan and his unfolding world of manipulated books. Sculptures made out of, and into old books. Hand cut and hand printed pieces create original art.

*Please do check the SAW Brochure for opening times and special events to gain the most from your visit.

My next ‘Guide guide’  focuses on two of my passions – trees and wild swimming!


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Published on September 29, 2015 // Davina Jelley