VENUE 58: Andy Palmer

This, the second ‘of my Guide guides’  aims to highlight those venues that question a sense of curiosity, intrigue and wonder…

VENUE 9: for drawing barefoot

ARTIST: Fay Stevens

Artist Fay Stevens will capture the experience of being within the garden at Little Yarford Farmhouse, along with its owners and visiting public, using film, sound and kinetic drawing. Her work will be installed within the grounds creating a visual, spatial and metaphorical interplay between the Elizabethan house and garden. Her work makes reference to traces of social, cultural, botanical and historical stories and senses of place of Little Yarford.

Little Yarford Farm was the site for Gillian Widden’s Horn of Plenty during SAW 2013

VENUE 31: for its ambitious scale

An installation of mixed media work including an embroidery bigger than the Bayeux tapestry. The theme of the work challenges our material world. We are proud of our inventions and yet nothing we invent is new, it has all been done before – we only have to look at nature.

VENUE 58: for a double helping of intrigue…

ARTISTS: Kirsten Cooke + Andy Palmer

Andrew Palmer’s paintings look at the modern world and how it owes its existence to the development of mathematics. Using mathematical functions from simple to complex Andrew has produced a core body of work incorporating interesting patterns, shapes and images. Kirsten Cooke has over the last few years been exploring the relationship between ourselves and empty houses that once embraced families. Approaching the subject with sensitivity, the resulting evocative images culminate in a tender and thought provoking panel of photographs.

VENUE 95: for more curious explorations

ARTIST: Joy Merron + Donna Vale

Sense of Place is a response to the stories of the people, the landscape and the buildings at Brean Down. The profoundly dramatic peninsula and striking disposition of the buildings will have a mutual synchronisation to the artwork. An energetic body of work will to take the viewer on a visual and auditory journey. Past histories will be brought to life through the arts, capturing imagination, allowing for exploration and discovery.

Before visiting these exhibitions please do check the SAW brochure for opening times as they do differ for each venue, and some are only open on weekends. There you will also discover any special events and workshops that a selection of these artists are hosting.

My next ‘Guide guide’  will focus on old favourites and new venues…

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Published on September 18, 2015 // Davina Jelley