Threshold Line: Powdered graphite on paper, footfall, Hurstone Studios LOUISE BAKER

So has the new year proved to be a creative period for you, perhaps you need a little nudge to get you going, in a relaxed fun way of course, nothing too serious or demanding  – read on if you need a project to get you motivated.

During the Christmas break I was nominated in the land of Facebook by a friend to take up the Black & White Photo Challenge. The idea being that for five days you posted a black and white image, each day nominating another friend to take on the challenge. Now I am normally the first to break hideous chain letters but this one came with no hidden threat that if you failed to accept the challenge you  would never be able to take another photograph that was in focus ever again! This was just pure creative fun, no pressure and no big deal if your friends chose not to accept; although I did try to choose those that were likely to say yes. The challenge made me hunt through old images, take new ones. It opened up dialogue on Facebook as to whether we preferred colour images or how black & white made you view objects differently, and now three weeks down the line I am enjoying friends of friends images from around the globe. Admittedly most of my friends are involved in the arts and so their approach may have been more imaginative than most but it has certainly added a different dimension to the Facebook & coffee  break log in.

Somerset artist Louise Baker has also sent out a creative request, one I mentioned briefly on a post last September. She is currently working on a project that will be exhibited at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery in Honiton and is in the process of creating and collecting work for the show and she would like to you to ‘Drop her a Line.’


You are invited to draw a line in any medium on a piece of paper measuring 30 x 8 cm. On the back she asks you to write your name, title, medium, map grid ref, date and time, plus your contact details. The drawings are to be collated and bound in a way to reflect their geographical origins and then displayed within the gallery creating ‘chapters.’ Louise was working on ‘threshold lines’ in powdered graphite when I visited during Open Studios and she is hoping to receive 2015 pieces in response to the project and the deadline for submissions is January 30th.

So this weekend if you feel at a loose end, find yourself twiddling your thumbs, why not create a line for Louise. In fact get the whole family involved. It needn’t take you long, draw them at your kitchen table, whilst out on your weekend walks, grab some paper and make your mark, I certainly aim to get our household involved this weekend.


Lines of growth

Lines of life/timelines

Line of fire/line of battle/ships of the line/front-line

All along the line/battle line

Marriage line/family line/blood lines

Line upon line/firing line/line up

Railway line/on line

Party line

Contour line/demarcation lines

Horizon line/skyline/roof lines

Line of contention

Line/s of duty

Fault line/pressure line/broken line

Huguenot line/ Maginot line

Plimsoll line

Equator/lines of Long/Lat/Capricorn & Cancer

Lines of connection

Lines of communication

Post your lines to Louise at Hurstone Studios, Watterow, Wiveliscombe, Somerset TA4 2AT

The exhibition will be open from 28th March until 16th May and all of those who ‘Drop Louise a Line’ will be sent an invitation to the private view.

Artist Michael Fairfax, who is also based at Hurstone Studios, will be exhibiting alongside Louise and his installation will utilise lines of wire to create two sound rooms at the Honiton Gallery. Visitors are encouraged to not only listen to the resulting acoustics, but to play and record the sounds created. Michael will then collate the recordings for a second phase of the exhibition.

More details can be found at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery website here and of course on Louise’s

Happy mark making!



Published on January 16, 2015 // Davina Jelley