Somerset Art Works (SAW) is delivering a three year artist residency programme following the themes of Water – Meadow – Wood

Providing greater engagement with people and new opportunities to interpret the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Yeovil Country Park.

Through participation, people are being taken on a voyage of discovery, stimulating imagination, enhancing creative skills, building confidence, learning about and gaining appreciation of the many aspects of Yeovil Country Park.

2015 was ‘Water’ year with Lead Artist Deborah Westmancoat working with Fairmead School SEN.

Deborah is known for her site responsive work using ink and found/collected materials, especially water. Over 80 pupils took part in the workshops over 4 full days, teacher Amy Huskisson said the school body as a whole had really enjoyed and benefited from the experience.

‘The children also enjoyed the activity of lying beneath a chosen tree, becoming calm within themselves and gazing up into the world of branches and leaves.  After finding a part of this ‘world’ that they would like to record, they were invited to use willow charcoal and pastels to draw onto large pieces of paper. The action of lying beneath the trees and slowing down their breathing a little worked extremely well for many of the children who otherwise found it hard to become focused on their creativity.’ Deborah Westmancoat